What is YouTube view retention?

What is YouTube view retention?

YouTube audience retention when watching videos on video hosting sites, including YouTube, is a percentage that determines the average amount of time a user spends watching a certain video. The higher the indicator, the more interesting the video on the video hosting is. Search engines prioritize various videos with the highest view retention compared to their potential competitors.

What is retention of views?

How do search engines identify competing videos? In fact, the principle is simple — video hosting itself analyzes the description and keywords in the video settings. Next, videos with similar text descriptions, keywords are searched for — the output is a general list of competitors. After that, YouTube determines the hierarchy of competitors, who will be in what places. This ranking is based on fairly simple filters, sorting the list of competitors at the output.

When forming a hierarchy of such competing videos, YouTube is guided by the following parameters:

An indicator of the relevance of keywords to the description and title of the video.

1. A list of videos is compiled, which are characterized by the maximum retention of the YouTube audience and, accordingly, the retention of views.

2. A list of videos with the maximum number of views is formed.

3. A list of videos with the maximum number of comments, likes on published comments is formed.

4. A list of videos with the maximum number of likes and dislikes is compiled.

5. A list of videos with the maximum number of reposts in the social network, adding video hosting users to their «Favorites» is formed.

The analyzer calculates the weighted coefficients for this list of clips. To calculate them, it is assumed that the importance of each of these indicators is taken into account. Based on this information, search results will be generated at the user’s request. It is important to take into account that in its work video hosting is guided, first of all, by relevance.

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